Wir helfen Kindern

Conditions for participating in the Tippspiel/betting game on the 2021 soccer European Cup

The following rules apply exclusively to the betting game:

1. Donation

1.1. There is no charge for participating in the betting game, no participation fee is charged. You will not have to purchase goods nor make use of services from the organizers or from third parties to play the game

1.2. The "Wir helfen Kindern e.V." Society (hereinafter: WhK) requests a donation of € 10.00 regardless of the betting game. This donation goes entirely to the projects sponsored by WhK, including the Elternverein für krebskranke Kinder children’s cancer charity in Düsseldorf, the HOSPIZ initiative to help children in mourning in Salzgitter. The donations from the soccer betting game as well as the financial support of sponsors will be used for the work of the society and not for holding the betting game and/or providing prizes for the participants in the betting game.

1.3. The donation should be paid to one of the following account: VOLKSBANK BRAWO, IBAN: DE48269910661512927000; BIC : GENODEF1WOB  indicating "Wir helfen Kindern e.V. - EM 2021" as the intended purpose. Please indicate your name in the area provided for the intended purpose so that the donation can be correctly attributed. Remember that transfers from abroad can involve fees which you must pay yourself. Up to an amount or € 200.00, the bank remittance slip qualifies as a donation receipt you can submit to your tax office.

1.4. You can take part in the betting game by e-mail or letter, or by submitting the Spielschein/betting ticket form to the organizers. There is no age limit to participate. Participants under 7 years of age are represented by their legal representatives

2. How to play the betting game

2.1. To participate in the betting game, you must submit the Spielschein form by 6:00 p.m. on June 08, 2021 at the latest.

2.2. The organizers will provide you with a Spielschein form for taking part in the betting game. The appropriate form, whose file name is "betting ticket/Tippschein_2021 pdf", can be obtained from the website www.wirhelfenkindern.eu or requested by e-mail from the organizers. We ask you please to fill in the form legibly and to indicate at least your first and last names as well as useful contact data.

2.3. Bets are made on all scores of the European Cup preliminary round, the participants in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, as well as the world champion. Please complete the betting ticket completely. The matches of the round “last 16” will not be scored. The following additional bets must be placed

  • the first additional bet is on the worst team in the preliminary round. The points scored count, and then the goal difference.
  • the second additional bet is on the country of the top scorer (not the player's name).
  • the third additional bet is on the number of all goals scored during the tournament, which must be marked on the form. Goals scored in penalty shots to decide the game after 120 minutes do not count! A total of 51 games are played.
  • the fourth additional bet is on the number of times players are sent off the field (red and second yellow cards). References for trainers or assistants are not counted. Please mark accordingly.

3. Winner of the betting game

3.1. The winner of the betting game is the player with the highest overall score. If two or more players have the same highest score, the winner of the betting game shall be determined by the number of correct bets placed on the results of the preliminary round; this also applies to the ranking of the subsequent winners. If this also produces a tie, the participant with the lowest starting number wins. The players with the next highest total scores follow in descending order. 

3.2. Players receive 5 points for correctly predicting the result of the preliminary round, 4 points are awarded for getting the right tendency of the game combined with the goal difference (example: the game ends 3:1, the bet was on 2:0; likewise a bet on undecided if the right result was missed; the game ends 1:1, a bet was placed on 2:2). The right game tendency (win, lose) counts 3 points. Each correct bet on the quarter-finalist counts 10 points, 13 points for each correct semi-finalist, and 18 points of each finalist. Betting on the right counts another 20 points. For each correct prediction of additional bets 1-4, 13 additional points are awarded; in case of a tie, points shall be awarded more than once. The official UEFA statistics are conclusive and binding.

3.3. The winner will be announced on July 12, 2021. Details on the winnings can be viewed at the website www.wirhelfenkindern.eu on the day of the starting game at the latest. The status of the betting game, updated at least once a day, can also be viewed there.

3.4. If you are among the winners, the organizers will notify you by e-mail, telephone or letter. When you take part in the betting game, you thereby declare your consent to have your name and place of residence appear on the website www.wirhelfenkindern.eu and in any newsletters with news of the betting game sent by e-mail to the participants in the betting game.

4. Participants' data

4.1 The organizers collect, save and process personal data for participation in the betting game. This is exclusively for the purpose of conducting the betting game and to provide more detailed information on the game to the participants.

4.2 In no case shall the organizers forward personal data to third parties. The data are transmitted in accordance with legal requirements, the volume of data transmitted is limited to the minimum necessary for fulfilling the intended purpose.

5. Other conditions

5.1. The judges’ decision is final.

5.2. German law applies.

5.3. Should a provision of these eligibility requirements be ineffective, this shall not affect the remaining provisions.

5.4. If the european Football Championship is canceled for unforseeable reasons, donations for the prediction game will not be reimbursed

6. Organizer

"Wir helfen Kindern e.V."
Society  - Volker Machura
Lange Wanne 87
D-38259 Salzgitter

Tel.: 0049/5341/35921
Mobil: 0049/1522 1733156

Internet: www.wirhelfenkindern.eu

For your bet: emtipp2021@wirhelfenkindern.eu